Tassels – Full Colour Range (per box, to order)

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Our best-selling tassels, available to order in the entire range of colours.

We do not always stock of these products. This means they are sold by the box, and may take up to 2 weeks to arrive if they are ordered especially. Please feel free to call us to check current stock levels. 

5cm tassels come in boxes on 24 pieces. 7cm, 10cm and 15cm tassels come in boxes of 12 pieces.

Please select how many boxes you would like in the quantity button below.  To check current stock levels or for quantities over 1o boxes, please call us on 020 7580 0669.

Please note these do not necessarily perfectly match our to-order fringe and braid.

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Our bound-over tassels are made from the highest quality yarn with a versatile loop. Available in a silky finish or chainette knit in a myriad of colours. Tassels are traditionally used as key fobs, to finish a cord, and to give a stylish flourish to your furniture or fashion item. The tassels featured here are key tassels. Please call us for our complete range of tie-backs and other decorative tassels including menu tassels.

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0001 White, 0003 Ivory, 0326 Light Warm Beige, 0327 Cream, 0046 Beige, 0024 Cool Gold, 0336 tan, 0027 Champagne, 0032 Straw, 0230 Gold, 0343 Golden Brown, 0004 Golden Yellow, 0006 Light Pink, 0205 Blush Peach, 0055 Dusky Pink, 0007 Hot Pink, 0009 Red, 0040 Rust, 0253 Dark Red, 0010 Burgundy, 0243 Copper, 0025 Rich Brown, 0247 Auburn, 0349 Deep Red Brown, 0272 Aqua, 0225 Lemon, 0226 Yellow, 0265 Bright Green, 0030 Light Yellow Orange, 0234 Bright Pink, 0256 Grape, 0242 Warm Red, 0306 Turquoise, 0013 Jade, 0319 Teal, 0014 Dark Green, 0279 Moss, 0280 Greenish Brown, 0044 Royal Blue, 0312 Steel Blue, 0020 Navy Blue, 0352 Aubergine, 0201 Charcoal, 0002 Black, 0700 Beige Mixed, 0710 Gold Mixed, 0702 Orange and Gold Mixed, 0703 Dark Red and Gold Mixed, 0704 Navy and Gold Mixed, 0705 Dark Green and Gold Mixed, 0706 Brown Mixed, 0707 Steel Blue and Gold Mixed, 0708 Bright Red and Gold Mixed, 0709 Mint and Gold Mixed, 0701 Gold Mixed #2, 0711 Rust and Gold Mixed, 0016 Ice Blue, 0034 Light Sage, 0042 Light Olive, 0276 Citrus Green, 0008 Bright Orange, 0248 Deep Orange, 0214 Brass, 0021 Lilac, 0022 Purple, 0210 Dark Purple, 0200 Natural, 0401 Hessian


5cm – box of 24, 7cm – box of 12, 10cm – box of 12, 15cm – Box of 12


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