9mm Feather Gimp Braid -all colours (to order)

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NOTICE: We are suspending our ‘to-order’ products until after the festive season to ensure that we are able to complete orders before we close for the holidays. If you have any questions or would like to find out about our current stock levels, please feel free to contact us. 


9mm Gimp braid in ‘feather’ design, available in the entire range of colours.

We do not always have stock of all colours.  This means there is a minimum quantity of 10 meters, and may take up to 2 weeks to arrive if they are ordered especially. Please feel free to call us to check current stock levels.

The colours of these braids match our Acetate Fringe, but unfortunately not all coordinating colours are available in the braid. 

Shade card is for colour reference only, the product you will receive is the product described.

Please select how many meters you would like in the quantity button below. Minimum 10 meters. For quantities over 25 meters please contact us on 020 7580 0669 or sales@barnettlawson.co.uk

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9mm Gimp braid in ‘feather’ design.

50% Acetate, 45% Cotton, 5% Polyester.

Available in colours shown. Minimum 10 meters, if it is ordered especially. Please feel free to call for current stock levels.

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0001 White, 0174 Baby Pink, 0169 Millennial Pink, 0171 True Pink, 0126 Maroon, 0125 Carmine, 0127 Red, 0118 Scarlett, 0146 Blush Peach, 0133 Dusty Pink, 0113 Rose Copper, 0189 Pale Lilac, 0222 Mid Purple, 0215 Deep Purple, 0182 Aubergine, 0048 Orange, 0114 Reddish Orange, 0108 Light Bronze, 0106 Copper, 0102 Bright Auburn, 0056 Taupe, 0033 Tan, 0083 Putty, 0003 Ivory, 0008 Light beige, 0055 Peachy Beige, 0039 Mid Brown, 0070 Dark Brown, 0341 Lightest Grey, 0372 Light Grey, 0228 Ocean Blue, 0221 Dusty Blue, 0198 Light Aqua, 0197 Powder Blue, 0233 Dark Navy, 0204 Light Navy, 0208 Steel Blue, 0229 Cool Blue, 0240 Denim, 0245 Stilton Blue, 0219 Light Blue, 0254 Turquoise, 0292 Teal, 0371 Mid Grey, 0357 Dark Grey, 0002 Black, 0015 Pale Lemon, 0026 Light Apricot, 0017 Neon Yellow, 0018 Golden Yellow, 0014 Champagne Gold, 0011 Muted Gold, 0019 Bright Gold, 0085 Straw, 0345 Coffee, 0364 Darkest Olive, 0304 Spring Green, 0324 Moss, 0319 Apple Green, 0309 Yellow Green, 0330 Mint Cream, 0306 Lightest Olive, 0325 Mid Olive, 0272 Dusky Peppermint, 0300 Emerald, 0314 Jungle Green, 0323 Forest Green, 0275 Darkest Green


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