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Jute Vase Tutorial

3-step Jute Vase Tutorial



This quick craft is a wonderful (and cheap!) way to breathe new life into a window sill, sideboard or coffee table. 

All you need is an empty bottle, some twine (click here to see our selection), and some glue – we used UHU. 

Step 1: Decide where you want your twine to start. Measure up from the bottom and mark a few points around the bottle that you can use as a guide to keep your top line straight. 

Step 2: Start by spreading a little glue onto the glass where your first line of twine will be. The amount of glue you can put on will vary depending on how quickly your glue dries, and how fast you are at sticking! You’ll soon figure out what works for you. 

Step 3: Carefully place your twine into the glue and start to wrap around the bottle, ensuring the glue is still tacky where you are sticking. If it isn’t, add a bit of fresh glue. Repeat until you reach the bottom.

And there you have it! One stylish and unique vase ready to use! 

You could apply this technique to all kinds of different containers, from shoe boxes to jam jars, and in a multitude of different colours and widths of jute. The possibilities are endless!

If you try this or any of our other tutorials, let us know – we love to see your creations! 

If you’ve mastered this and are looking for your next shot of inspiration, why not check out our Pinterest board for more jute, twine and raffia craft ideas? Just click here. 

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Customised Trainers

We all know that trainers are not just for the gym. These comfy and practical wardrobe staples come in all shapes, colours and designs, some  even with lights or wheels! We at Barnett Lawson Trimmings think that everyone deserves a pair of trainers that perfectly conveys their personality or mood, so we have put together a few ideas of how you can do it.

Sequin and Beaded Flowers

Scatter some of our sequin and beaded flowers across the surface of your trainers for an instantly feminine and whimsical makeover. These can be easily sewn or glued on, or attached to a brooch back and pinned into place.

Items used: Sequin and Beaded Flowers (6383) £1.89 each

Embroidered Motifs 

Make a statement with this large floral embroidered motif, or opt to keep it subtle with one of our smaller motifs, a selection of which can be seen here.

Item used: Embroidered Rose Motif (7564) £7.80 each. Click here to view online.

Diamante Brooch

If you want something with a little less commitment, why not adorn your shoes with a brooch? We have a huge selection of brooches available in store featuring everything from pearls and diamantés like the one above, to sparkling bumble bees, glittering crests and tweed bows. We also stock shoe clips so you can transform almost anything into an accessory for your ever-versatile footwear!

Item used: Pearl and Diamante Brooch (4500) £11.40 each. Click here to view online.

We love to see your creations so if you try this or anything else using our products, please remember to tag us, email us or come and show us. 


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D.I.Y Ascot Millinery

As the sunshine gradually rolls in, so do our annual summer plans- holidays, barbecues and for many, Ascot. Every year hoards of horse racing fans and fashionistas come together at the famous event wearing their most fabulous, creative and outrageous millinery. If you are heading to Ascot this year, you may be thinking of donning a hat yourself, and for the creatively inclined among us, perhaps even making one. The benefit of creating your own head wear is that you know it will be completely unique and can tailor it to perfectly match your personality, outfit or taste.

We’ve put together some ideas of head wear that can be created using the items we have available to purchase at Barnett Lawson.

Soft and floral

Items used: Artificial Roses – Light pink & beige (6701 – £26.58+VAT each); Sinamay base – Ivory (6403 – £6.07+VAT each); Spot veiling – Ivory (7273 – £4.14+VAT per meter); Bee Brooch – Rose Gold (4496 – £6.57+VAT); Ostrich quills – Pale pink (7190 – £7.28+VAT each)

Glitzy and Glamorous 

Items used: Felt hat base – lilac (7225 – £31.03+VAT each); Diamante veiling – (7402 – £99.23+VAT per pre-cut piece); Black painted design feather (£3.50+VAT each); Feather motif brooch – lilac (7187 – £8.61+VAT each)

Bright and Fun

Items used: Straw hat base – turquoise (£24.81+VAT); Beaded motifs- fuchsia (7461 – £2.78+VAT); Stripped Ostrich motif – magenta (7178- £5.85+VAT)

We also sell a variety of clips, combs and hat elastic to ensure your creation stays put all day. See in-store for details.

We love to see your creations so if you try this or anything else using our products, remember to tag us, email us or come and show us. 


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Pom-pom Headband Tutorial

The sun is beginning to peek out from behind the gloomy clouds and spring is officially here! To celebrate, we have created this colourful pom-pom headband to fast forward to the feeling of long summer days spent at festivals. 

You can get everything you need for this tutorial at our showroom, or email us and we can arrange for them to be shipped. 

These pom-poms featured in our March sale, but you can get the sale price of £0.60 per pom-pom if you quote ‘BLOG’ when you get to the till (valid until April 30th 2019). 

For your headband, you will need: 

  • A headband – we used this clear plastic one, but you can use whatever is most comfortable for you. 
  • Some ribbon – around 20cm should be enough depending on the amount of poms you choose to use. The width should be just a little more than the width of your headband. 
  • Some pom-poms – use as many or as few as you desire. Why not experiment with colour combinations?


1. Arrange your poms on the hairband and secure using a strong glue. For extra security, we wrapped the loops on the poms around the hairband. 

2. Leave to dry for a few minutes. 

3. Cut a piece of ribbon to the right length. It needs to be long enough to cover all of the glue and loops of the pom poms. 

4. Apply glue to the ribbon and adhere to the underside of the hairband and leave to dry. 

Your headband is complete!

Products used in this tutorial: 

Clear hairband – £0.54 each

Wool poms – £0.60 each in the March sale. Quote ‘BLOG’ to receive this reduced price until the end of April 2019. 

10mm Grosgrain ribbon in ‘Beauty’ – £0.66 per meter

We love to see your creations so if you try this or anything else using our products, remember to tag us, email us or come and show us. 

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Customised Beanies

Beanies are no longer just for wearing on the coldest of days; these cosy hats are popular throughout the year. Featuring in catwalk collections and high street windows alike, beanies remain a go-to for both practicality and style.

Adorned with anything from logos and motifs to pom-poms and feathers, beanies come in an array of designs and here at Barnett Lawson, we have been experimenting with some ways of jazzing up your everyday style.

We started with a plain beanie from the high street, and worked our magic to create the styles you see here:

Fur Pom

Recently brought back to popularity by companies such as Canada Goose, this style is a classic. Here we have adorned our basic beanie with a brown furry pom using the clip that’s already attached to the back. And what’s more, because it’s so quick to attach, you can easily change the pom to an alternative colour to match your outfit or mood!


Inspired by the Marc Jacobs A/W 2019 fashion show, here we have added a layer of ostrich fringe to our beanie for a more edgy look.

Or for an even more dramatic vibe, go for a turkey feather or some spiky goose fringe, also inspired by the Stephen Jones designs seen on the Marc Jacobs catwalk.


Motifs are another simple way of jazzing up a plain hat, and we have many different designs to choose from. From crowns to lions to flowers and more, you’re sure to find something to express your personality in our showroom. With the added bonus of many iron-on options, your customising will be even more of a breeze.

Here we have attached a Gucci-inspired beaded bumble bee to our beanie to give it instant pizzazz.


For those who know their way around a needle and thread, why not add a chain around the edge of your beanie? Here we have used this neon yellow to bring in a pop of colour.

If you have any more ideas, or if you have a go at one of ours, do get in touch. We love to see your creations.


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1920s Accessories

With 2019 in full swing, each day that goes by brings us one step closer to the next round of roaring twenties.

1920s fashions have stood the test of time, being reworked and revived many times over the years. The resounding success of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby has inspired countless events and parties in recent years, leading to a huge demand for decadent deco looks. One iconic piece of any twenties feminine ensemble was the headdress, and a good headdress will elevate any look from fine to fabulous.

Here’s a few ideas of ways you can combine our products to create your very own headdress. Keep it simple with a single braid, or go all out with feathers and diamantés – the choice is yours.

Our first headdress example below is made using one of our newest products. The braid, which comes complete with rhinestones, is both ornate and elegant. Use it alone or combine it with a tassel and one side of this intricate silver frog fastening.

If you want to up the glamour and sparkle, consider combining a rhinestone braid with this eye-catching diamanté motif and some marabou feathers.

Or why not go all out by layering these feather motifs with a gold metallic cord motif for a show-stopping look?

No matter what you’re after, you’re sure to find something to suit your style. All our products are available to buy either through our website or in our showroom. Just drop us an email on and it would be our pleasure to help you achieve your 1920s fantasy!

Products used – click to view

Headdress 1: Rhinestoned Metallic Braid , Metallic Frog, 15cm Tassel

Headdress 2: Diamanté trim, Diamanté motif, Marabou feathers

Headdress 3: Gold loop braid, Gold cord motif, Feather motif