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Jute Vase Tutorial

3-step Jute Vase Tutorial



This quick craft is a wonderful (and cheap!) way to breathe new life into a window sill, sideboard or coffee table. 

All you need is an empty bottle, some twine (click here to see our selection), and some glue – we used UHU. 

Step 1: Decide where you want your twine to start. Measure up from the bottom and mark a few points around the bottle that you can use as a guide to keep your top line straight. 

Step 2: Start by spreading a little glue onto the glass where your first line of twine will be. The amount of glue you can put on will vary depending on how quickly your glue dries, and how fast you are at sticking! You’ll soon figure out what works for you. 

Step 3: Carefully place your twine into the glue and start to wrap around the bottle, ensuring the glue is still tacky where you are sticking. If it isn’t, add a bit of fresh glue. Repeat until you reach the bottom.

And there you have it! One stylish and unique vase ready to use! 

You could apply this technique to all kinds of different containers, from shoe boxes to jam jars, and in a multitude of different colours and widths of jute. The possibilities are endless!

If you try this or any of our other tutorials, let us know – we love to see your creations! 

If you’ve mastered this and are looking for your next shot of inspiration, why not check out our Pinterest board for more jute, twine and raffia craft ideas? Just click here. 

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