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D.I.Y Ascot Millinery

As the sunshine gradually rolls in, so do our annual summer plans- holidays, barbecues and for many, Ascot. Every year hoards of horse racing fans and fashionistas come together at the famous event wearing their most fabulous, creative and outrageous millinery. If you are heading to Ascot this year, you may be thinking of donning a hat yourself, and for the creatively inclined among us, perhaps even making one. The benefit of creating your own head wear is that you know it will be completely unique and can tailor it to perfectly match your personality, outfit or taste.

We’ve put together some ideas of head wear that can be created using the items we have available to purchase at Barnett Lawson.

Soft and floral

Items used: Artificial Roses – Light pink & beige (6701 – £26.58+VAT each); Sinamay base – Ivory (6403 – £6.07+VAT each); Spot veiling – Ivory (7273 – £4.14+VAT per meter); Bee Brooch – Rose Gold (4496 – £6.57+VAT); Ostrich quills – Pale pink (7190 – £7.28+VAT each)

Glitzy and Glamorous 

Items used: Felt hat base – lilac (7225 – £31.03+VAT each); Diamante veiling – (7402 – £99.23+VAT per pre-cut piece); Black painted design feather (£3.50+VAT each); Feather motif brooch – lilac (7187 – £8.61+VAT each)

Bright and Fun

Items used: Straw hat base – turquoise (£24.81+VAT); Beaded motifs- fuchsia (7461 – £2.78+VAT); Stripped Ostrich motif – magenta (7178- £5.85+VAT)

We also sell a variety of clips, combs and hat elastic to ensure your creation stays put all day. See in-store for details.

We love to see your creations so if you try this or anything else using our products, remember to tag us, email us or come and show us. 


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