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Pom-pom Headband Tutorial

The sun is beginning to peek out from behind the gloomy clouds and spring is officially here! To celebrate, we have created this colourful pom-pom headband to fast forward to the feeling of long summer days spent at festivals. 

You can get everything you need for this tutorial at our showroom, or email us and we can arrange for them to be shipped. 

These pom-poms featured in our March sale, but you can get the sale price of £0.60 per pom-pom if you quote ‘BLOG’ when you get to the till (valid until April 30th 2019). 

For your headband, you will need: 

  • A headband – we used this clear plastic one, but you can use whatever is most comfortable for you. 
  • Some ribbon – around 20cm should be enough depending on the amount of poms you choose to use. The width should be just a little more than the width of your headband. 
  • Some pom-poms – use as many or as few as you desire. Why not experiment with colour combinations?


1. Arrange your poms on the hairband and secure using a strong glue. For extra security, we wrapped the loops on the poms around the hairband. 

2. Leave to dry for a few minutes. 

3. Cut a piece of ribbon to the right length. It needs to be long enough to cover all of the glue and loops of the pom poms. 

4. Apply glue to the ribbon and adhere to the underside of the hairband and leave to dry. 

Your headband is complete!

Products used in this tutorial: 

Clear hairband – £0.54 each

Wool poms – £0.60 each in the March sale. Quote ‘BLOG’ to receive this reduced price until the end of April 2019. 

10mm Grosgrain ribbon in ‘Beauty’ – £0.66 per meter

We love to see your creations so if you try this or anything else using our products, remember to tag us, email us or come and show us. 

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