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Customised Beanies

Beanies are no longer just for wearing on the coldest of days; these cosy hats are popular throughout the year. Featuring in catwalk collections and high street windows alike, beanies remain a go-to for both practicality and style.

Adorned with anything from logos and motifs to pom-poms and feathers, beanies come in an array of designs and here at Barnett Lawson, we have been experimenting with some ways of jazzing up your everyday style.

We started with a plain beanie from the high street, and worked our magic to create the styles you see here:

Fur Pom

Recently brought back to popularity by companies such as Canada Goose, this style is a classic. Here we have adorned our basic beanie with a brown furry pom using the clip that’s already attached to the back. And what’s more, because it’s so quick to attach, you can easily change the pom to an alternative colour to match your outfit or mood!


Inspired by the Marc Jacobs A/W 2019 fashion show, here we have added a layer of ostrich fringe to our beanie for a more edgy look.

Or for an even more dramatic vibe, go for a turkey feather or some spiky goose fringe, also inspired by the Stephen Jones designs seen on the Marc Jacobs catwalk.


Motifs are another simple way of jazzing up a plain hat, and we have many different designs to choose from. From crowns to lions to flowers and more, you’re sure to find something to express your personality in our showroom. With the added bonus of many iron-on options, your customising will be even more of a breeze.

Here we have attached a Gucci-inspired beaded bumble bee to our beanie to give it instant pizzazz.


For those who know their way around a needle and thread, why not add a chain around the edge of your beanie? Here we have used this neon yellow to bring in a pop of colour.

If you have any more ideas, or if you have a go at one of ours, do get in touch. We love to see your creations.


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