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Artist Feature: Silkworm and Cottontails

There is a certain thrill that comes from owning a product is that is totally unique. Coupled with the knowledge that it has been carefully crafted by hand, it can be one of your most satisfying purchases. At Barnett Lawson we want to celebrate the artists who use their unique skills and creativity to provide the world with items made with love, care and dedication. Each month we will be featuring a different individual or business that is keeping the spirit of true craftsmanship alive.

From bespoke lampshades and soft furnishings to workshops and collaborations, Elizabeth Pegg of Silkworm and Cottontails provides customers and clients with a truly personal service. Blending traditional techniques with modern style, she creates interesting and unique pieces. Using colourful fabrics and interesting trimmings, her work has an undeniable sense of fun and life and it is clear to see that Elizabeth has a true love for her craft.

“Sewing is my passion and hopefully it shows in my work.  I treat my lampshades as “Works of Art”, which allows me to show off different sewing techniques like beading, appliqué and embroidery. I’ve always been passionate about colours and textures. 

Lampshades for me create interest in a room , they can be simple or elaborate in style but for me the embellishment is the icing on the cake . Sometimes a piece of trimming can inspire the whole design or can be used to enhance a particular fabric. Choosing the right trim can make or break a lampshade and with so many decorative trimmings available I never rush the process.”

To find out more, or to see more of Elizabeth’s work, visit or view her shop on Etsy.

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  1. Hi. I would love to be considered for an artist feature if possible please.

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